Elgin, Illinois Wedding

Elgin, Illinois Wedding

June 30, 2022

Kelly & Kyle celebrated two years of marriage surrounded by their family and friends in Elgin, Illinois. As we were wrapping up their final portraits at the end of the evening, Cody shared how impactful their day was. Kelly and Kyle’s families and friends showered them in so much support, love, and admiration the entire day. After two years as husband and wife, it is evident that Kelly and Kyle’s love has only grown deeper and stronger.

Kelly enjoyed getting ready in the house that her and Kyle have made their home for the past few years. Her sister, who is an amazing makeup artist (she actually did my makeup for my wedding day!!), made sure everyone looked like models! Meanwhile, her mother did everyone’s hair! I loved that Kelly was able to have these women who mean so much to her help her get ready. From the moment Cody and I joined them, Kelly and her girls were all smiles and laughter! I have never been so entertained while capturing detail photos! 🙂

Since Kelly and Kyle were married in 2020, their original ceremony was limited to only their parents and siblings. They have been waiting for this day since then, ready to celebrate all that has happened since that first ceremony. They were able to have a special ceremony blessing their marriage at the same church and by the same priest that married them almost exactly two years before! Since that day, Kelly and Kyle have added a sweet son to their family who joined them in their processional down the aisle. During the ceremony, the priest spoke words of encouragement over their marriage. He reminded Kelly and Kyle to lean on each other and especially to lean on God as the center of their marriage. The sweetest part of their ceremony, in my opinion, was watching Kelly and Kyle smile and beam at each other the entire time! These two just cannot keep their eyes off of each other!

The reception took place at a nearby park that Kyle spent a lot of time at as a youth. Listening to their family and friends’ speeches, it was hard not to tear up! Kelly and Kyle are so strongly supported, and it is evident that those who spend time with them know just how much they love each other. Their friends and family know how to laugh and have a good time, but they also know how important it is to share their admiration and love. Cody and I both caught Kyle’s mom whispering to him, “I’m just so proud of you!” during their first dance- cue the tears again!

Overall, Kelly and Kyle’s wedding celebration was meaningful and full of joy! We hope you enjoy our favorites from their special day!

Kelly and Kyle – Cody and I cannot wait to see where the next few years take you as husband and wife! Your love has grown so much in the past few years, we are confident it will only continue to remain steadfast and joyful!


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