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Let's talk about marriage. It's not easy, it's sometimes messy, but we believe through any challenge you can build an incredible relationship.

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More than Marriage

A candid and authentic look into who we are and what our conversations are like when no one else is listening!

episode #1


Marriage and Money: without a plan and a budget, we felt lost, like we never had money. Now with a budget and goals, we are more free than ever before!

episode #8


Issues and emotions affect us in any relationship. Cody and Andrea give 4 practical tips for facing issues as a team so you can come against the issue and not each other. 

episode #5


These three questions are pretty simple but spark deep conversations that lead to a better understanding of one another!

episode #9


We guide you through 4 things to think about before you choose to have a first look and why you should decide before you start planning your wedding.

episode #4


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the notes from each episode and grab our                 

Check out the notes from each episode and grab our                 


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We have heard the cliches saying that the spark of marriage dies off from the very beginning, so we decided to fight for the true meaning of marriage. Everyone deserves to experience more than just ok marriage. We know you can experience marriage in a way that makes you say, "This is the best thing ever!"


We're best friends who love making each other laugh until we fall on the floor holding our stomaches! Since we started dating, we have been together almost every day chasing things that make us joyful - like traveling or watching The Office on repeat!
We both love to serve people, and we became wedding photographers to do just that. We love that we get to work together while hanging out with new friends on their wedding days!

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