My introduction to branding photography started when I was asked to take photographs for Zen & Pow Studio, a local boutique fitness and yoga studio. I couldn’t remember the last time I had lifted a weight, but they needed photographs showcasing their online library of workouts as well as their livestream workout class options. I felt energized and excited about this photography challenge, and it is wild to think of how that small at home session soon turned into a beautiful branding partnership! 

I took Zen & Pow’s unique offerings and showcased them in a way that was eye-catching and attractive to their ideal clients. Now, I work with Zen and Pow monthly to capture their member events, boutique clothing, fitness classes, team headshots, and more! 

I began to feel confident that I could offer small businesses a branding photography experience that was unlike what they had ever experienced before. My background in education, online marketing for our own photography business, and simply put my personality all mix together to create a branding experience that produces quality images that connect with audiences. 

After a few of my first branding sessions with Zen and Pow, I wrote a list of small businesses in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area that I would love to get the chance to work with. Almost three years later, I am happy to say I have partnered with almost all of the businesses on that list! My branding photography clientele has grown purely from word of mouth from my previous clients. 

My husband, Cody, and I are best friends and business partners. We primarily capture wedding days together, but Cody also helps me with branding sessions as needed. Cody and I are superfans of the show The Office, and we recently enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series together. Coffee in the morning and tea in the evening are two of our favorite ways to spend time together! When we aren't together, I'm probably out for coffee with my group of small business owner besties or reading a book on the couch! 

I 'm Andrea!
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