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Purposeful and Versatile Branding Photography

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Are you just getting started with your business and think you only need a few standard headshots and you’ll be set?

Do you have a clear idea of who you are and who your business serves, but you just can’t seem to purposefully engage with your audience? 

Do you have a hodgepodge of professional images taken by different photographers at different locations over the course of years all jumbled together in your phone’s photo app? Or do you just google a stock image every time you want to post? 

Do you find yourself spending so much time crafting the perfect post, only to then pull up the same headshot or product photo that you’ve reused for the last 5 years?

don't worry, Most of us have

Have you ever been here?

Trust me, there is a better way to market your business.

owners | canvasback Coffee

Alexa & Ethan

When it came to branding our local online coffee company we had a very particular vision in mind.  Andrea asked what our vision was, not only for the photos but for our business as a whole. From our desired style of photos to colors and vibes, Andrea went above and beyond with the small details. When we first saw our photos, we were truly blown away. That was OUR product. OUR vision. It all came to life through Andrea’s work. She has what it takes to bring your brand to the next level!

You won’t walk away with only a gallery of images. Instead, you’ll receive an organized gallery that is cohesive and tailored to your brand. Say goodbye to spending hours searching through your phone for a photo to post and trying to come up with a good caption. I relieve my branding clients from all of the guesswork by creating social media marketing strategies and suggestions so they can put their gallery to use right away! 

Organized and targeted
marketing strategies

Your branding photographs should be as amazing as you are. If you are feeling a disconnect, like you know exactly who your business serves but you just can’t seem to connect with an audience, I’m here to help you fill that gap. Your branding photographs will be aligned with your brand and attract the attention of your perfect clients. 

Intentional and strategic planning
and brand alignment

Let’s face it- we are all tired of seeing the same headshot of a business owner in a perfectly clean office smiling at their computer. Your ideal client wants to see what sets you apart, in an environment that is true to you. I work with business owners to create photographs that are both creative AND purposeful, proven to boost marketing and sales. 

Unique and plausible photographs that stand out from the rest

My goal is to use photographs and strategic marketing to connect the gap between your services and your ideal clients who are out there searching for you! 

I learn who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you serve in order to represent your brand and communicate your purpose. 



I used to be a teacher, so I take my research pretty seriously! First, we’ll start by discussing your brand, your values, your current marketing strategy, and what you are looking for in your branding session. Then I’ll run an audit of your website, social media, promotions and marketing. This will give me a clear idea of how we can uplevel your current strategy and exactly what photographs will help us get there! 



Every branding session includes strategic planning of locations, outfits, props, and concepts. A timeline of the branding session is created in order to make sure we don’t miss a thing! When it comes time for your session, you get to relax and enjoy the process (which I promise is always a good time!) while I keep track of the plan. 

Plan & Enjoy the Process


Armed with your gallery of cohesive images and my intentional marketing suggestions, you are ready to give your website a facelift, plan social media posts with ease, and market to your ideal customer. Your photographs now align with your unique purpose and voice. 

Post with Purpose

The Process