Allie + Josh: A Charming Wildflower Wedding in Viroqua, WI

Allie + Josh: A Charming Wildflower Wedding in Viroqua, WI

September 2, 2018

Allie and Joshua would both describe themselves as tending to be more on the quiet side. But when it comes to them together- their spirits light up and they are all giggles and cuddles.

Over the course of getting to know Allie and Joshua and hearing from their loved ones on their wedding day, we heard many versions of how these two met and how their relationship grew. It is so obvious that they were meant to be from the beginning! Here’s Allie’s version:

“I went to buy animal feed in Viroqua and Josh loaded my order. I noticed him right away. So I started going back more often to get feed… Then my brother got a job at the same store, and Josh trained him. Once I found out his name, I asked a friend from my Bible study group if she could help me meet him. She knew a friend of his and started talking to him about trying to arrange for us to come over to their house for dinner so we could meet. Josh’s friend did his job…..but Josh said no 🙁 He said he was happy being single…..then a few days later I found out that he had changed his mind. The following Saturday we all had dinner…”

Josh’s story is similar, but as he and Cody were getting some shots together, Joshua let Cody in on a bit more of his feelings throughout the beginning of their story. Joshua said he felt more than ok being single, especially when he had hunting to keep him busy!! When his friend asked him to come to dinner, he said no because he wasn’t looking for a relationship. However, after that he said he couldn’t sleep at all! He eventually changed his mind, and upon meeting Allie he was intrigued enough to get to know her more- he added that he couldn’t sleep then, too!!

Joshua and Allie chose to do a private first look with one another, and Allie had a first look with her father and close family members.

After the first few dates, it was obvious to both Allie and Joshua that this was the relationship that was going to last forever. Josh said after a few weeks he was finally able to get some regular sleep…how sweet!! Their wedding decor perfectly incorporated both of their personalities- wildflowers picked by Allie herself, and antlers to represent Joshua’s love of hunting!


After they finally got to see each other on the day, Allie and Joshua were both calm and ready to say “I do!” These two were all cuddles and kisses during their portraits, which we loved!!


The wildflowers were SO beautiful and colorful.

Allie and Joshua got married at the church Joshua has gone to his entire life. Their family and friends filled the seats to join in their celebration!


After the ceremony, everyone celebrated with sweets and coffee…yum!!

Before the two lovebirds had their bubble send off, we snuck away for a few more portraits. This is one of our favorite things to do with our couples, because after the ceremony is over and the reception is underway, all the pressure or stress of the day fades away! The couple can breathe a sigh of relief and simply relax and enjoy their first hours of being officially Mr. and Mrs.

Allie + Joshua, it was wonderful being a part of your wedding day. It is obvious God has placed you in each other’s lives for a reason, and we are so looking forward to all you will accomplish together as a team! We are rooting for you both- enjoy your first week as newlyweds! 🙂


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