Tansy Hill Farm Wedding

Tansy Hill Farm Wedding

July 16, 2019

They both held back tears. As Caterina and her father slowly emerged from the barn, neither her nor Josiah could calm their emotions. This was the moment they have been waiting for, the moment they had been praying for. Their joy it was too much to handle as tears fell down their cheeks. Take a look at any member of the crowd (Cody and myself included) and I’m sure you would’ve seen even more tears.
Rewind back to last fall when Cody and I first met Caterina and Josiah. We knew immediately that these two were our ideal clients. They were SO excited to be married, yet you could tell they were absolutely enjoying the season of being engaged. Caterina and I are one in the same when it comes to planning out each and every little detail. All Josiah needs to do is look at Caterina and she bursts with the sweetest smiles and giggles.
Their La Crosse engagement session was one of our favorites to date, and they perfected the “Ryan Gosling” lift! We couldn’t wait to see them again at the wedding, so Cody captured the sweetest engagement video for them. They braved the snowy Wisconsin Winter and looked absolutely stunning!! Needless to say, we were counting down the days to see them become husband and wife.
Caterina and her bridesmaids arrived at Tansy Hill Farm full of smiles and joy. The tears first came when she saw her dad for the first time. I will never get over the special bond that dads and their daughters share, and it is even sweeter to see dads with their daughters on a wedding day! Both sets of parents were so happy and excited to be celebrating Caterina and Josiah. During the ceremony, letters from both Cat’s parents and Josiah’s parents were read aloud. Cue even more tears. They affirmed their children of the choice that they were making on this day, and they spoke so highly of the love that Cat and Josiah share.
And it is all so true: Caterina and Josiah share an incredible love. During speeches, their family and friends spoke words that encouraged both of their characters. Caterina, the determined and competitive girl who still has a heart as sweet as can be. And Josiah, hard working, intentional, and caring. Their youth pastor encouraged them to use those qualities to impact not only their own relationship, but to be a shining light to those around them. We are absolutely sure that Caterina and Josiah will do just that. Enjoy our favorite images from their wedding day, and don’t forget to scroll all the way down to see Cody’s preview of their highlight film!
After seeing multiple grand marches, I have to say this bridal party was the MOST EPIC we have ever witnessed!! Nerf guns, light sabers, squirt guns, and a little wardrobe change made it clear that this group was here to celebrate!
Of course, we had to sneak out and get a few more shots of the bride and groom before the dance started <3 Caterina’s father purchased this Jeep after his own wedding and totally renovated it! It was so special for Cat and Josiah to have it as their getaway car!
And if the ceremony, reception, and speeches weren’t sweet enough, the dance was even sweeter! Caterina and Josiah decided to invite others to join them after each first dance: couples in love, fathers and their daughters, and mothers with their sons. Oh, and Josiah’s mother recorded their first dance song as a surprise singing lead herself!! SO precious to see Josiah realize it was his own mother singing the words to their first dance song.
Caterina and Josiah- it was an honor to capture your wedding day. May the words of your family and friends stay close to your heart as you begin this incredible story of marriage. Your love will only grow stronger as each day passes. We pray that through the highs and the lows you will always look back on your wedding day and be filled with joy and love. Cody and I are rooting for you, and we know this isn’t the last time you’ll be in front of our cameras 😉 xoxo, Andrea + Cody
Here’s Cody’s preview of Cat and Josiah’s wedding feature film. Seriously gives me all the feels <3

Thank you to these incredible vendors who made this day possible:
Videographer- Cody James Film
Florist – Evolutions 
Makeup – Alyssa Drury
Hair – Megan Bostwich
Dress – Designer, Morilee
Chandeliers – Back Forty
Caterer – Mint Cafe 


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