An Introduction to the More Than Marriage Podcast

An Introduction to the More Than Marriage Podcast

May 1, 2020

Starting a podcast has been a dream of ours for many years. Cody and I weren’t sure exactly what the topic would be or who our audience would be, but the dream continued to come up in our conversations. Through many seasons, this idea started to take shape and we began to feel a sense of direction. 

So, what is the purpose of the More Than Marriage podcast?

We know there are SO many podcasts out there….like…SO many!! And we aren’t the first to create a podcast focused on marriage or wedding planning. However, Cody and I believe we have something unique to offer that you won’t get by listening to other podcasts on the topics of marriage or wedding planning. 

You see, Cody and I are wedding photographers who have experienced a variety of wedding days and we’ve worked with all of our couples to plan wedding days that are free of stress and full of joy. For engaged couples, we will give you the insider tips of exactly how you can plan an incredible wedding day. But we don’t want you to stop there! 

Cody and I have never accepted having anything but an exceptional marriage. We truly believe that marriage can be the best thing ever, but you don’t get there without being intentional. Just like a dream wedding day takes effort and planning, a thriving and incredible relationship takes effort and skill. 

By hearing our authentic and candid conversations about relationship skills and tips we’ve learned, Cody and I know that you will experience more in your marriage.

We are so excited to dive deeper into these topics with all of you! Our goal is to equip you to plan an incredible wedding and build a marriage that helps you experience more. 

We hope you’ll join us each week to spend time focusing on intentional planning and learning together.This is the More than marriage podcast. 


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