How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

July 13, 2020

An Interview with Emily Jean Photography: How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

A: Heyyyy! I am so excited for this interview today! As a photographer myself, I am incredibly passionate about helping couples find their perfect fit when it comes to wedding day photography.  Today I’m joined by Emily from Emily Jean Photography. In this episode, we are going to go deeper into exactly what you can do to find the best wedding photographer possible.

A: Tell us more about you- who you are, what you do, and what defines you! 

E: I’m a Wedding Photographer based in Wisconsin. I truly truly care about every single person that I work with. I want you to feel amazing while we take photos and also when you look through them! Outside of photography I love hanging out with my family and they live super close so I get to see them on a weekly basis. Honestly when we get together we usually share a meal and just catch up on life. 

A: How did you get to where you are now in your photography business? What did your journey as a photographer look like? 

E: So my dad is a photographer and as a teenager I started by assisting him at shoots. Quickly word got out amongst my friends and my sister’s friends and I started taking photos of them.  I started with senior photos and slowly began focusing on capturing wedding days. 

Be sure to listen for the most adorable story about Emily’s first camera! Here is a photo of her when she received it- isn’t this hilarious and precious!

A: If you had to just pick one or two of your favorite things about being a wedding photographer, what would you choose?

I think one of my favorites would be getting to know people and their stories! I am super passionate about getting art up on people’s walls and in their homes. Print photos are truly memories that last forever! Recently we found my Grandpa’s wedding photos decades after his wedding day. It was SO cool to see the photos of him at my age. 

A: Why do you think wedding photography should be a vendor service that couple’s prioritize? 

E: Yes, I fully agree with this!! Your photographer will be with you all day long!! Having someone you like is very important. You really want someone that you jive with and can get along with!

A: How can couples plan to make this difficult vendor decision? What suggestions would you have for couples searching for a wedding photographer?

E: First I would suggest thinking about what style of images you want. There are a lot of different shooting and editing styles out there so start to research and do some following on social media to see what style photos you love! Start following photographers you like on social media, before you get engaged if possible.  Here are some really easy wedding hashtags that you can start to follow to get a better idea of what style of photography you like! There are SO many wedding hashtags out there, here is another great resource you can check out!


#wisconsinweddingphotographer (or sub your state in!)











A: Let’s try to imagine not being photographers. What is some photographer lingo that might need to be explained to couples? 

Light and airy or dark and moody, bright, airy- these are all terms that have to do with the lighting and editing styles of photographers. Golden Hour is the time right before sunset where you get a dreamy and warm glow.  Photo journalistic is a style of capturing photos where your photographer will be less hands on and more of a documentarian. 

A:Let’s talk about the lists of questions that some couples come to an inquiry with. What questions should couples be asking and which questions are not important?

Be sure to tune into the episode above to hear what we think are great questions to prepare for your photographer during a consultation, and which questions we think are redundant or answered with a little research on your part! You won’t want to miss them!

A: Being photographers ourselves, we likely are the pickiest when it comes to choosing our own photographers. What do you search for when you are in need of a photographer?

E: STYLE – I prefer the way I shoot – true to life colors!  This isn’t really in right now, lots of photographers have different editing styles! Second is their personality. I want a photographer who connects with his/ her clients like I do and who makes it a great experience!

A: Tell us more about how you serve your couples in a way that is unique to you- who are your ideal clients? What services do you offer to your clients that differ from other photographers in the area?

E:  I really try to go above and beyond for my clients! Each couple has a timeline consultation before the wedding day. I send them a wedding guide which helps them during their planning process. We have a holiday party with all of our couples and celebrate together! Lastly, I really call myself a friend-tographer. I want to become friends with my clients and know them outside of photography!

A: Emily, thank you so much for joining us today! It is apparent that you are doing incredible things for your clients. I am so excited to have you join us on the podcast again in the future!! 

If you are searching for a wedding photographer, did you know Cody and I are wedding photographers ourselves?? Click here to find out what a wedding day experience is like with us as your photographers! If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out our previous episodes here! Until next week, happy wedding planning!


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