Q & A with Andrea and Cody

Q & A with Andrea and Cody

August 10, 2020

Cody and Andrea Answer All!

This is a very exciting episode because we are answering all of YOUR questions! This one is fun because we get to share what’s going on in our lives and parts of our story that a lot of people don’t really know. 

In order to hear  our answers to all of these amazing questions, you will have to tune in! Below is the list of questions we covered in this episode.

The Questions

  1. When are you thinking about starting a family, if you are thinking about it at all?
  2. What are some ideas to make your wedding ceremony special and unique?
  3. Do you invest time and money in marriage coaching or counseling?
  4. Did you do premarital counseling?
  5. How did you adjust to your first few days, weeks, months of marriage?
  6. What was the moment where we realized we knew we were in love?
  7. What are things that surprised us / that we didn’t expect about marriage in your first year?


If you tuned in and you are here for the promised flower petal confetti pictures, look no further! From left to right you’ll see Cody happy, then swallowing a petal, then realizing he swallowed a petal, telling me that he had swallowed a petal, and then us laughing that it happened! Haha!

Thank You!

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who submitted questions to us over the past few months! We had a blast sharing more of our relationship with you all!

If you want to hear us talk about a topic or issue or you have a question you want to hear in an episode like this one, just send us a message on instagram @morethanmarriagepodcast or head to and send us a message in our contact form. See you next time!!


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