St. Mary’s Church Wedding, Caledonia, MN

St. Mary’s Church Wedding, Caledonia, MN

September 9, 2020

When Whitney entered into the sanctuary of St. Mary’s Church, Alex fought back the tears filled with excitement to be with his bride and to finally see her on their wedding day. Whitney and Alex’s love is centered on their friendship and joy in being together. When you look at them together, you see companions who stand beside one another trusting in one another. You see it in the way they laugh together and you see the trust in the way they look at each other and hold one another.

Whitney and Alex unfortunately needed to limit the amount of their guests which is a difficult decision to make. Their original reception hall had also closed, but the two unfortunate situations led to one that was a blessing. In the beautiful hills of Houston, MN, they were able to host their reception at the Barn at Brick Hill Farm, belonging to Whitney’s aunt. The barn was perfect for hosting the smaller gathering as well as for beautiful husband and wife portraits at sunset.

There is something so special about this day that we want to mention: family. Both Whitney and Alex’s families shared in every bit of joy and love and celebration throughout the day. During family photos, there was an incredible feeling of belonging and oneness, and throughout the day they were present and overjoyed to celebrate Whitney and Alex.

We believe that same belonging will continue in you two, and we pray your love increases and your companionship grows to be a powerful example of a beautiful and thriving marriage. Enjoy our favorite images from Whitney + Alex’s St. Mary’s Church Wedding day!





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