Winona, Minnesota Wedding

Winona, Minnesota Wedding

October 27, 2020

Yorkson and his friends were ready to have a great time together. From getting ready to wedding party photos, they were joking, laughing, and being absolute fun to be around! The love and adoration of Grace’s bridesmaids was evident in how they were not short of smiles all day long for their dear friend on her wedding day. We always love to see such a supportive and loving group of friends surround the bride and groom with excitement and love on their wedding day. It truly was a blessing to see them all so joyful together throughout the entire day.
Grace and Yorkson entered from opposite sides of the sanctuary for their first look. Yorkson was in awe of Grace’s beauty and the elegance of her dress, which she and her mom had crafted themselves! Grace’s smiles were endless as she finally was with her beloved on their wedding day. A few of Grace’s family members were welcomed to share this moment with them and it was very fun to have them there, simply because Yorkson wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is so vocal about what he’s feeling he could not stop saying “Wow….wow….WOW!” He walked all the way around her to see all the intricate details of her dress, and he had to sit down for a moment to take her all in.
Because of COVID restrictions, they couldn’t get married at the venue where Grace always wanted to be married, but we were still able to take portraits on the grounds of St. Mary’s. We were glad that despite changing venues, they could still have a part of Grace’s dream venue to remember. The buildings have amazing architecture and are beautifully designed, which matched the classic tone of these two, their love, and their wedding day attire. It was just such a joy to wander around the grounds with them- it felt like we were living in a real life bridal magazine!
The hardest part of the day was that Yorkson’s family could not travel to be at the wedding. They FaceTime called before and after the ceremony, and Yorkson gave everyone watching a walk around of the church as well as the detail of Grace’s beautiful dress. Everyone was so happy and excited to get to experience this day even in the smallest way. Grace’s mother and Yorkson’s mother shared words of joy and gratefulness that their families were now one family.
When Yorkson thanked their guests for coming to celebrate with them, he talked about how difficult it was for him that his family could not make it. He said his parents taught him to be brave just like when they were moving to a new country. They always told him to be brave and he believed it led him to this moment with Grace. We know it will continue to take Grace and Yorkson on to their next adventure as they move on to North Carolina!
This wedding day was full of beautiful intentional moments and details: Grace and Yorkson’s private prayer before the ceremony, their first dance song being one they learned when they first met, Grace’s dad’s special blessing over the two and their marriage, and above all the incredible and deep love these two share for one another. We hope you enjoy all of our favorite moments from this beautiful wedding day!



Grace + Yorkson, your love inspires us to love one another better. Your kind and caring demeanors are contagious, and it is so obvious that wherever you go you will spread joy. Cody and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! xoxo, Andrea + Cody



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