Zen and Pow Studio Fitness Branding Photography

Zen and Pow Studio Fitness Branding Photography

April 18, 2022

fitness branding photography

Zen & Pow Studio Fitness Branding Photography

Working with small businesses and giving them the tools they need for successful online marketing is something that I am incredibly passionate about! My journey into branding photography all started with a partnership with Zen and Pow Studio, a local boutique fitness and yoga studio. When Steph, the owner, first reached out to me in 2020 I couldn’t even remember the last time I had lifted a weight, haha! Steph explained to me how they were in need of photographs showcasing their online library of workouts, as well as their live stream workout class options. I felt energized and excited about this photography challenge, and it is wild to think of how that small at-home session soon turned into a beautiful branding partnership!

As I mentioned, Zen and Pow is a local boutique fitness studio located in Onalaska, WI. What sets them apart from other fitness studios in the area is the variety of group fitness classes they offer, their encouraging atmosphere, and their focus on whole-body health. Zen and Pow Studio offers classes like barre, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, strength, and more! From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed into such a bright and inviting space! I can relate to the feelings of fear and anxiety when it came to attending a small group fitness class, and I am so amazed at how at home it feels to attend a fitness class at Zen and Pow.

When you are first starting out, the instructors and other members are welcoming, encouraging, and will help you in any way you need. Because Zen and Pow Studio focuses on whole-body health, they are all about working out in the way that is best for your body. Multiple options are given throughout the classes so that you never have to feel uncomfortable or unable. With the variety of classes offered you never are left feeling bored with your workouts. Zen and Pow Studio offers multiple events each month that typically revolve around fun themes or holidays. After photographing them for almost two years, I can tell you that I’ve never experienced a fitness community like the one at Zen and Pow!

I capture branding photographs for Zen and Pow on a monthly basis, which ensures that they always have up-to-date photographs of their class offerings, member events, and boutique products. For a studio that primarily attracts new members through social media and their website, having a constant stream of new photographs is of utmost importance. Zen and Pow always has the photographs they need when it comes to printing new brochures, posting on social media, communicating with their email list, updating their team headshots, and more. It has been such a joy capturing branding sessions routinely for Zen and Pow, and Steph and I have become such wonderful friends through the process. Here is what Steph has to say about working together.

small business brand photography

Enjoy this branding spotlight of Zen and Pow Studio!

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fitness branding photography fitness branding photography

fitness branding photography fitness branding photography fitness branding photography

fitness branding photography

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